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Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Pictures

Gosh, time goes by so fast...I just realized that I didn't put up any Septemeber pictures.

The picture of me sitting down at the bottom of this page is from August, so even though I didn't do the three pictures like I have in the past, you can see me from August.
I'm down 140 lbs, weighing in at 148 in these pictures. I've stayed the same weight for about a month now, so I've been focusing on learning how to stabalize and then maintain my new weight. Anyway, here are my 11 month post op pictures:

Also, just for fun I thought I'd post pictures of me from this past week. We had Homecoming week at LHS and I dressed up for our spirit days. Here I am on Favorite Team Day:


Since next month is going to mark 1 year since surgery, I'm asking a photographer friend to take some "real" pictures of me. I can't wait to get them made and show them to y'all!