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Friday, October 8, 2010

It's so cliche`...

...but I'm going to say it anyway: what a difference a year makes!!

This was me one year ago:

See the date stamp? Oct 7th, 2009. More importantly, see how I didn't even have a lap to set that pumpkin on? I had to rest it on my belly to work on it. Sad when you think about it.

And here is a picture I asked Halen to take of me two days ago, Oct 7th, 2010.

So it bears repeating: what a difference a year makes!

Now for some really cool news; at least I'm excited about it. Next Wednesday, which will be my actual 1 year "surgiversary", I am having a friend take some photos of me. We're going to do it like a real photo shoot with me wearing a couple of different outfits and taking the pictures outside while having some fun. I can't wait; I even bought a new dress!

I also want to share my new stats from the body analyzer with you.

Weight: 142.0
BMI: 26.0 <---- OMG!!
Fat%: 28.5% (desireable range = 21 - 33%)
Fat mass: 40.5 lbs (desireable range = 27 - 50 lbs)
Fat free mass: 101.5 lbs (this is everything in my body that is NOT fatty tissues)

And, as I've done before, here are my beginning stats for comparison:

Weight: 288.0
BMI: 51.8
Fat %: 53.0
Fat Mass: 150 lbs
FFM: 133 lbs

Everything has gone great and the surgeon was very pleased, which makes me very pleased! My 1-year post op appointment was a success--as am I!! =)