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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Made It!!

It has finally happened - I hit 198 at this morning's weigh-in!

I am so proud of myself to have dropped below 200 once again. This time, though, it's for good. I will never see 200 again. In fact, I plan to get below 150 and then never see that number again.

Going through this process has taught me so much. One of these many things is that I can help to control my weight by what I eat and how much I exercise. So, I know that once I'm below 150, I can keep it there by my actions. If I start creeping back up to 148 or something like that, then I will need to adjust my habits to bring that number back down. It's all up to me and the choices that I make.

Keep an eye out for new pictures coming on 3/13, which will mark 5 months since my surgery.

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Anonymous said...

You know you're going to meet that 100#s lost by the surgeon's appt. Only a few more pounds to go. congrats!!