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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cool things!

Weighed in today - 163!! This weekend marks 8 months so be on the lookout for new pictures and measurements.

I had three very cool things happen in the last few days; two of them at a wedding last weekend and one yesterday. Okay, the last one isn't as cool as the others but it is a realization I've come to. But first thing's first...

The wedding we went to was held at Two Rivers Mansion here in Nashville. It's a gorgeous old home with high ceilings and the like. One of the rooms had a huge mirror in it; I'm talking at least 15 feet tall. When I walked by, I surprised myself myself. Not because I didn't know it was a mirror but rather because I didn't know it was me. That's when I realized that I'm thinner than I thought. So that's cool thing #1.

Number 2 - Halen was able to wrap her legs around me for the first time ever! Told ya it was cool!! We were on the dance floor at the wedding and she wrapped her legs around me above the waist. She wasn't able to cross them at the ankle or anything like that, but her feet did touch eachother while they were back there. We just looked at eachother and she had this WOW look on her face. Yes, friends, very cool!

So now for the realization. People keep asking me "Are you serious?" when I tell them that I can't just look down and see the weight loss. Finally it hit me - my view hasn't changed. From the top down I look the same as I always have. Now if I look to the side at my shoulders or in a mirror then I can see it. But just looking down, I still see what I've seen for 20 years now. I just thought it was neat that I figured this out. =)

Alright, see you in a couple of days with new pictures and measurements!


Anonymous said...

That's because you're on the inside looking out, not on the outside looking in. We never see ourselves in the same way other people do, good or bad. More often we think lesser of ourselves than others do. So why do we wonder about self-esteem issues? I think they're born in. Marcie, these were great and wonderful revolutions! Love to you, and I want to see those new amazing pics and stats!

Anonymous said...

That was me-mom. I couldn't get it to puplish with my name.